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ALLRUS Group is the exclusive supplier of the pumping equipment of Colfax Corporation / ALLWEILER, IMO (one of the major international manufacturers of marine pumps for naval and merchant navy use) for the enterprises of the shipbuilding (inclusive Navy) and other branches of Russia and the countries of the CIS. Centrifugal, twin- and three-screw, progressing cavity, propeller, sludge, peristaltic, rotary lobe, metering, process diaphragm pumps, macerators. Complete solutions from one source for every application (ballast pump, bilge draining, fire-fighting pumps, cooling water feed, general service) on all the types of naval, merchant vessels and offshore platforms. The own foundry. High quality special materials with high resistance to salt water corrosion. Low noise emission. Service worldwide.

Number of shows: 7547
Modify date: 12/17/2007 21:17:56
Field:  Other
Fax:  +7 (495) 626-53-76
Form of ownership:  close corporation
IMDS-07 participant:  yes
Phone:  +7 (495) 626-53-71, 961-02-65, 961-02-64
Physical address:  Business center, office 16, ul. Usacheva 62, Moscow, 119048, Russia

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