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The Governmental educational institution of higher professional education Baltic State Technical University «VOENMEKH» named after D. F. Ustinov conducts preparation on 26 militarytechnical specialties. Science and production activity is directed for development of priority science, techniques and critical technologies interrelated with engineering staff preparation. There are 19 small enterprises and a pilot plant that rapidly solve scientific or technical problems, carry out the science achievements to production and applications.

The major technologies that were developed:

1. The rocket engine technologies for:
• processing of natural, passing gases and a gas condensate;
• creation of power equipment for pair and hot water reception;
• hydrogen reception for electrochemical generators.

2. The ultrasonic location devices for fire brigade's at smoke content spatial orientation when searching seat of fire.

3. The life cycle information-electronic support for arms and military technique on the CALS - technologies base.

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