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Beriev Aircraft Company was established in 1934 and is world known for its developments in hydroaviation. In 70 years the company has designed over 30 types of aircraft, and many of them were launched in series production. Aircraft such as MBR-2, Be-6, Be-10, and Be-12 are widely known throughout the world.

At the turn of XXI century, Beriev Aircraft Company developed a number of amphibian aircraft with unique characteristics, capable of performing a variety of missions. These include, in the first place, the Be-200 multipurpose amphibian aircraft (manufactured in series), the Be-103 light multipurpose amphibian aircraft and the A-42PE search-and-rescue amphibian aircraft. The company is also designing a promising multipurpose amphibian aircraft for local airlines - the Be-112, and the Be-101 light amphibian aircraft.

The company is developing the concepts of promising transport systems that will be largely based on amphibian aircraft for various purposes, including superheavy seaplanes.

Number of shows: 4312
Modify date: 12/21/2007 19:06:42
Field:  Fleet air arm
Fax:  +7 (8634) 64-74-34
IMDS-07 participant:  yes
Phone:  +7 (8634) 39-09-01
Physical address:  1, Aviatorov sq., Rostov Region, Taganrog, 347923, Russia

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