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"Zavod "Dvigatel"

International Maritime Defence Show

For 130 years the Joint Stock Company «Zavod «Dvigatel» has been designing and manufacturing naval underwater weapons for the Russian Navy. The company has been manufacturing the production for export during 40 years and it has been delivering it to 14 countries of the world. The company is the developer and manufacturer of the first electric, homing, remote-controlled torpedoes. Unique technologies and great experience of the work in this field make it possible to manufacture modern, reliable and high-quality weapons also today.

The Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Dvigatel» plant» offers:

• Remotely-controlled versatile homing torpedoes;
• Bottom and self-propelled mines, mine systems;
• Sonar countermeasures systems intended for protection of submarines;
• Underwater self-propelled vehicles for transportation of divers;
• Upgrading of in-service marine underwater weapons to improve their qualities and application;
• Service and maintenance facilities, maintenance and training of personnel.

Number of shows: 6627
Modify date: 12/24/2007 21:14:08
Field:  Arms, weaponry & weapon-control systems
Fax:  +7 (812) 542-98-95
Form of ownership:  joint-stock company
IMDS-07 participant:  yes
Phone:  +7 (812) 542-01-21
Physical address:  13, Pirogovskaya emb., St. Petersburg, 194044, Russia

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