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"EID, Empresa de Investigacao e Desenvolvimento de Electronica"

International Maritime Defence Show

EID has a proven record and solid know-how in the fields of electronics and communications. EID designs, manufactures and sets to work military communication equipment and systems. Countless deliveries, both at home and abroad, brought unquestionable prestige to EID, which in turn has resulted in a growing access to new markets, both in Europe and in other continents.

Among EID products, we emphasised:

ICCS, Integrated Communications Control System (for warships)
MOST4 Ships, Message Handling System
GRC-525, HF V/UHF multiband, SDR tactical radio
P/ICC-201, Digital Intercom System for Military Vehicles
P/CD-116, Field Digital Switchboard

In the Naval area, EID has more than 70 systems contracted in the following navies: Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Brazil, Denmark, Lithuania, Thailand.

Number of shows: 4320
Modify date: 12/24/2007 21:16:31
Field:  Combat control systems, signal operation, electronic & radio technical equipment & sonar gear
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Phone:  + 351 21 2948600
Physical address:  2826-801, PORTUGAL, CAPARICA, Rua Quinta dos Medronheiros, Lazarim, Apartado 327

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