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International Maritime Defence Show

KBtochmash is one of the leading Russian companies specializing in the development of high-precision forward line weapons. It is well-known for its «Falanga» AT system, «Cobra» missile system of guided weapon for tanks, «Strela-10» AA missile system, C-25L and C-25LD guided air missiles. Up-to-date elaborations of KBtochmash are notable for high effectiveness of combat employment achieved due to great firepower, small guidance errors, operation secrecy, automation of combat operations, jamming immunity, round-the-clock capability and for low cost as well.

«Palma» naval AA missile-gun and gun systems, «Palma-SU» multi-purpose optoelectronic fire control system, «Sosna-R» AA missile, «Strela 10M4» AA missile system and PAPV laser system of optoelectronic countermeasures present undoubted interest.

Number of shows: 6699
Modify date: 12/26/2007 19:19:41
Field:  Arms, weaponry & weapon-control systems
Fax:  + 7 (495) 333-55-13
Form of ownership:  federal state unitary enterprise
IMDS-07 participant:  yes
Phone:  + 7 (495) 718-75-09
Physical address:  8, Vvedenskey Street, Moscow, 117342, Russia

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