Russian Navy

"MCP Technology Center"

International Maritime Defence Show

Reduction of preparation time for series production of new products.

Plastic parts and metal cast parts.

Digital computer technologies:

- non-contact optical system for digitizing, measurement, reverse engineering;
- Rapid Tooling technologies - stereolithography, selective laser sintering and melting, silicone and epoxy moulds, sheet metal dies, sand moulds to cast metal produced without model tooling;
- 5-axis coordinate processing center for large products (150x9x4 m);
- equipment, materials, training, maintenance and service. Fulfillment of jobs for inspection of the geometry of parts, moulds, dies, tools. Manufacture of investment models, sand moulds, metal cast parts from Al, Mg alloys and ferrous metal (steel, iron) without model tooling.

Number of shows: 5653
Modify date: 12/26/2007 20:01:10
Field:  Other
Fax:  + 375 (172) 62-04-41
Form of ownership:  close corporation
IMDS-07 participant:  yes
Phone:  + 375 (172) 62-55-90, 62-57-55
Physical address:  73, Y. Kolas str., Minsk, 220113, Republic of Belarus

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