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In 1993 «Mnev & Co» was formed at the North-West market. Since 2003 the company has worked with Russian Navy, Frontier troops, the Russian Ministry of Defence and Federal Security Service.

«Mnev & Co» supplies motor and inflatable boats such as Favorit «F-500 A», «Kayman N-450A» and «BL-680» for the government institutions.

At the present «Mnev & Co» designs and manufactures inflatable rowing and motor boats. The leading shipbuilding companies of St.Petersburg took part in the developing of more than 10 inflatable and motor boats. The production volume of «Mnev & Co» is increasing by 25-30 % each year. The company produced more than 7000 vessels last year. The most widely-distributed boat types are «Kayman», «Burevestink» and «Sprut». The collapsible boats of «middle class» with length 3- 4 m are in demand for the time being. The RIB boats with glassreinforced plastic body, insufflation bulbs and aluminium housing have become more popular at the present time.

The boat types with the length 9-12 m are planned to be appear in the model production line of «Mnev & Co.»

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