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Moench Publishing Group is the world-leader in military journals. We publish nine different magazines on Security Policy, Military Technology, Warfare and Research & Development in six different languages: Arabic, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Turkish. Our products are due to their reliable, up-todate and in-depth information regularly read by political, military and industrial decision makers around the world. They reach Members of Parliament, Ministers of Defence and Armament Directors as well as the military and industrial leadership and R & D establishments.

Our authors are a selected group of first class specialists and high ranking political and military leaders, amongst them Ministers and Chiefs of Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy.

Moench publications carry your message to any corner of the world.

Number of shows: 4156
Modify date: 12/26/2007 20:14:13
Field:  Mass-media
Fax:  + 49 228 6483109
IMDS-07 participant:  yes
Phone:  + 49 228 64830
Physical address:  53123, Germany, Bonn, Heilsbachstrasse 26

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