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JSC «NIIHIT-2» are engaged in development and manufacture of nickel-cadmium storage batteries of HKM series with the high ability for a long conservation of energy, which are suitable for a wide range of current loads and environmental conditions. Our batteries are characterized by the highest resistance to mechanical actions, the high reliability and are successfully used as autonomous power sources for energy supply of some rocket-cosmic systems (both on the ground and on their boards) and for a wide spectrum of military equipment for naval and ground-level application.

JSC «NIIHIT-2» develops the accumulator HKM-100 for replacement the accumulator ???-90 and batteries on its base, such as 9???-90, 12???-90 and 27???-90 for all fields of application. Series production of these products will be carried out from 2007 year.

Number of shows: 4112
Modify date: 12/27/2007 19:31:21
Field:  Engines, hull systems, auxiliaries
Fax:  +7 (8452) 96-23-98
Form of ownership:  close corporation
IMDS-07 participant:  yes
Phone:  +7 (8452) 96-17-00, 96-17-01, 96-00-25
Physical address:  11 a, Orjonikidze str., Saratov, 410015, Russia

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