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International Maritime Defence Show

Special-Gears for merchant and naval vessels with diesel engines, turbines and/or electric drives; systems for Offshore Patrol Vessels, Frigates, Corvettes, Mega-Yachts,
Single- and combining-marine gears, especially CODOG, CODAG, CODAD, CODELAG, as well as Cross-Connecting Gears,
Planetary and planetary reversing gears,
Power range from 3000 kW up to 45000 kW, even bigger,
Highest demand on acoustic signature and shock-strength, weight optimised systems,
Gear units with integrated thrust bearings, multi-disk clutches and fluid couplings,
Advanced Thrust Bearings for shaft-lines,
Curved tooth couplings, diaphragm and steel disk couplings for all drive applications in the field of marine and offshore application, for all speeds,
Slide bearings for generators and electrical propulsion motors for merchant and military vessels, also shock resistant.

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