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SOE «CDB «Rubin» is the largest design bureau in Russia by which projects more than 1000 submarines have been constructed - from small-size conventional submarines to strategic nuclear underwater missile-carriers.

Based on the projects developed by the enterprise about 100 conventional submarines have been supplied to 14 countries around the world including Kilo class submarines - the most successful series of diesel submarines.

Taking into account all latest achievements in the industry and science, the enterprise has developed the projects of conventional submarines of a new generation of «Amur» class.

«Amur 1650» class submarine is an export version of the submarines constructed for the Russian Navy (trials of the submarine «Saint Petersburg» are being completed, submarines «Kronshtadt» and «Sevastopol» are being constructed).

«Amur 950» project submarine can be proposed as a basis for designing in accordance with wishes of foreign customers. «Rubin» has respective permits for carrying out independent foreign economic activities in terms of technical support of submarines constructed based on enterprise's designs (delivery of spare parts, carrying-out of repairs and modernization, and training of specialists).

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Modify date: 12/27/2007 22:59:51
Field:  Naval shipbuilding & architecture
Fax:  +7 (812) 764-37-49
Form of ownership:  federal state unitary enterprise
IMDS-07 participant:  yes
Phone:  + 7 (812) 713-51-32
Physical address:  90, Marata, St. Petersburg, 191119, Russia

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