Russian Navy

"Sea test"

International Maritime Defence Show

«Sea test» JSC is created in 2005 in accordance with Decision Russian Navy and Russian Academy of the Sciences about making the complex naval test-desk (CNTD) in Gelendjik.

CNTD is intended for decision of the following problems:

- testing radar, sonar and not-acoustic facilities;
- testing search-resque technology, uninhabited underwater devices;
- an undertaking the experimental system studies;
- an undertaking diver collections;
- a demonstration test for export sample ship and positional facilities.

Number of shows: 3433
Modify date: 12/27/2007 23:27:56
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Fax:  +7 (86141) 285-26
Phone:  +7 (86141) 285-21
Physical address:  5, Dolinnaja St., Gelendjik, Krasnodarskij kraj, 353 467, Russia

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