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Central Valves Design Bureau, Scientific and Production Firm, is a leading engineering company in valves industry, realizing the complete operation cycle - from scientific researches, standartization, development up to complete delivery of pipeline valves for industrial objects of any complicity, also the company assures service maintenance during the whole product life cycle. Since 1945 CKBA developed a great amount of pipeline valves, intended to the different industries: valves for the first nuclear power plant in USSR, first nuclear-powered icebreaker, power units of atomic submarines; valves for gas-and-oil producing platforms, ore mining and processing enterprises, also for highly corrosive, explosion- and fire-hazardous, toxic media. The stupendous role in successful company's activity belongs to highly skilled staff, efficiency and accuracy in execution of assigned tasks, quality in satisfaction of customers' needs, also as cumulated and multiplied experience in pipeline valves industry.

Number of shows: 4782
Modify date: 12/29/2007 14:02:05
Field:  New substances and know-how
Fax:  +7 (812) 331-80-06
Form of ownership:  joint-stock company
IMDS-07 participant:  yes
Phone:  +7 (812) 331-27-50
Physical address:  4/1-A, Shaumyana pr., St. Petersburg, 195027, Russia

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