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Treatment LTD has a fifteen-year experience in providing the shipbuilders and dockyards with ship fittings shipboard equipment and reinforcement.

The main activities of the enterprise are the following: Manufacture:

air pipe heads with nominal diameter from DN25 to DN200 (Russian Maritime Register of Shipping certificate ?06.00014.120 dated 20.06.2006 Specification 541003.223)


Shipbuilding equipment and auxiliary machinery:

- electric pump units,
- Marine Hand Pumps,
- boat hoists, mooring winchs,
- anchor, boat, cargo handling, steering gear,
- hand and electric capstans,
- hand and electric windlasses,
- water-desalinating, bactericidal installations,
- boilers,
- compressors.

Electrical equipment:

- electric blowers,
- transformers,
- fans,
- rectifier units, filters, converters,
- starters.

Ship pipeline fittings:

- fire reinforcement; taps; gate and non-return-stop choke valves; gate and non-return-stop flanged cocks; non-return valves, manometer, reduction, safety valves; salt-water filters, oil and fuel filters; manipulators; kingston valves; air pipe heads, latches; flaps, dampers; rotary gates; condensate extractors; water jet ejectors; flanged couplings and nipple joints.

Hull fittings:

- Boat doors, latches (heavy, AMA),
- Illuminators.

The company has a Russian Maritime Register of Shipping certificate ? 07.00079.120 dated 21.03.2007.

We are inviting for mutually beneficial and effective cooperation.

Number of shows: 3601
Modify date: 01/10/2008 23:59:24
Field:  Engines, hull systems, auxiliaries / IT
Fax:  +7 (813 78) 342-32, 259-32, 262-74
Form of ownership:  Co Ltd
IMDS-07 participant:  yes
Phone:  +7 (813 78) 342-32, 259-32, 262-74
Physical address:  23A, Vyborgskaya str., Vyborg, Leningrad Region, 188800, Russia

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