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For 65 years our company has been designing and producing primary and secondary chemical current sources (CCS) for various electrochemical systems batteries on their base. Out products meet the requirements of the most demanding customers: starting from private individuals and small organizations and ending with big state companies including the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

We are proud of our unique design: water-activated batteries of high power that are used for different kinds of naval armament. However the company also manufactures many other types of chemical current sources for civic needs, such as navigation equipment for water-routes, meteorological equipment, railway means of communication, instrument-making and machine building, household radio appliances, etc.

Number of shows: 4126
Modify date: 01/14/2008 22:53:30
Field:  Engines, hull systems, auxiliaries
Fax:  +7 ( 35164) 2-04-86
Form of ownership:  public corporation
IMDS-07 participant:  yes
Phone:  +7 (35164) 2-02-95, 9-21-10
Physical address:  24, Dmitrieva, Verkhny Ufalei, Chelyabinsk Region, 456800, Russia

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