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OJSC «Vodtranspribor» is a modern and dynamically developing enterprise. It specializes in development, manufacture and repair of hydro acoustic aerial complexes. The plant has advanced technologies, essential equipment, test basis and highly qualified personnel.

The reference directions and fields of activity are:

• Manufacture and repair of sonar aerials;
• Development, production and repair extensive towed aerials and for seismic exploration and oil-and-gas production;
• Production of aircraft basing aerial arrangement;
• Development and manufacture of fundamentally new and perspective sonar aerials.

The plant has technologically closed cycle in output of products including various means of metal-working, welding, thermal treatment, manufacture of stamps, press forms and production tools, manufacture of general mechanical rubber goods and plastic wares, multilayer printed circuit board, assembling and installing of wares, their electroplate, powder spraying and colouring.

Number of shows: 3958
Modify date: 01/14/2008 23:06:03
Field:  Combat control systems, signal operation, electronic & radio technical equipment & sonar gear
Fax:  +7 (812) 496-08-71
Form of ownership:  public corporation
IMDS-07 participant:  yes
Phone:  +7 (812) 295-35-73
Physical address:  64, Serdobolskaia str., St. Petersburg, 197324, Russia

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