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Delegation from Mordovia visited natives serving in Baltic Fleet

Delegation from Mordovia visited natives serving in Baltic Fleet 20.05.2011
Text: Baltic Fleet Information Support Group
Photo: Air-cushion landing ship Mordovia.
Mordovia Culture Days have started in Kaliningrad region. The 3-day cultural action arranged in the region for the first time is associated with 1000th anniversary of the union between Mordovian people and Russian nation.

Delegation from Republic of Mordovia headed by the regional Minister of Culture Petr Tultayev visited Baltic Fleet (BF) warships in the fleet's main base Baltiysk.

During the visit, Petr Tultayev expressed gratitude of Mordovian people to Baltic mariners for conscientious service for the good of Motherland, congratulated on 308th anniversary of Baltic Fleet's foundation, and gifted the holy icon of righteous Fedor Ushakov.

In the evening, dance and song collectives from Republic of Mordovia gave a concert in Baltiysk Naval Officers' Club.

Besides, the guests visited crew of sponsored air-cushion landing ship Mordovia. Beginning from 2002, only draftees from Mordovia are posted to this ship. In total, over 200 natives of that region have served on the ship since signing of patronage agreement between Baltic Fleet and Republic of Mordovia. According to the ship's commanding officer Capt 3 rank Alexei Guskov, 20 sailors conscripted from Mordovia presently serve on the ship. "Throughout the years of our cooperation, the crew of Mordovia many times was one of the best in squadron. All servicemen serve with excellence and do not misconduct", he said.

Sailors showed their quarters to the guests, told about service and everyday life, and recorded video greetings for their families. In the end of the visit, members of Mordovian delegation presented memorable gifts to the crew.

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