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Baltiysky Zavod Authorized to Build Underbody for Mistrals

Baltiysky Zavod Authorized to Build Underbody for Mistrals 20.04.2012
Photo: Mistral-class assault landing ship.
STX France approved appointment of JSC Baltiysky Zavod Shipbuilding (BZS) as a producer of buoyant parts for two hulls of Mistral-class assault landing ships, press service of United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) told Central Navy Portal on Apr 20.

General Manager of STX France Laurent Castaing on Apr 16 voiced the company's final position as of appointment of JSC Baltiysky Zavod Shipbuilding as a manufacturer of buoyant parts for two Mistral-class assault landing ships. As a result of fruitful meetings, talks, and consideration of documents presented by BZS directors, Mr. Castaing consented to that appointment.

As of today, French party has handed over final order for rolled metal. Presently, BZS holds tender procedures to select a rolled metal supplier. It is planned to surrender design documents to BZS on June 1, and to start metal cutting for the first Mistral ship on Aug 1. Keel-laying of the first Mistral is scheduled on Oct 1. Metal cutting for the second ship will begin in May 2013, right after this process is over for the first one.

The contract for two Mistral-class helicopter carriers for Russian Navy was signed by JSC Rosoboronexport and DCNS (France) in June 2011. In its turn, USC is involved as a subcontractor. It is to build 24 hull units (stern parts of both ships) which is 40% of their hulls. Then the units will be sent to France, and Saint-Nazaire shipyards will assemble the landing ships.

Mistral-class assault landing ship displaces 21,000 tons and has overall length of 210 meters. The ship's full speed exceeds 18 knots, and fuel range is about 20,000 miles.

Standard complement is 160 men. The ship is capable to accommodate 450 marines, 13 main battle tanks or 70 wheeled trucks. Mistral's air wing comprises 16 helicopters (eight transport and eight attack ones), including six on the flight deck. Russia plans to have 8 multipurpose helicopters Ka-52K Alligator and 8 attack helicopters Ka-29.

JSC Baltiysky Zavod Shipbuilding (BZS) is an affiliate of United Shipbuilding Corporation. The company was founded late in 2011 in order to save labor collective and production expertise of Baltiysky Zavod shipyard which was bankrupted by former owner. In Jan 2012, most of employees of JSC Baltiysky Zavod enrolled in BZS. Due to that, the company is not only completing contracts in hand but draws new ones.

JSC Baltiysky Zavod was established in 1856. The shipyard is specialized in construction of warships, large-size civil cargo vessels, and icebreakers (nuclear-powered and diesel electric ones).

JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation is the Russia's largest shipbuilding company. It was established by presidential decree in 2007; 100% shares is in federal ownership. The holding comprises over 50 companies and organizations of shipbuilding industry (largest shipyards and ship-repair plants, leading design bureaus). Presently, the corporation consolidates about 70% of national shipbuilding sector. Although the company is oriented on Russian market, it exports production to 20 countries.

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