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Baltiysky Zavod Shipyard Turned 156

Text: Press service of JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation
On May 25, JSC Baltiysky Zavod shipyard turned 156. The yard was the first in Russia that began building armor-plated ships 150 years ago. Through that period, the legendary Saint Petersburg's shipyard has build over 560 vessels, including those with nuclear and diesel powerplants.

Although the shipyard has not recovered from consequences of former management yet, it is facing the present-day challenges with confidence. The yard has survived through the winter changes and kept its unique staff and basic expertise. Today, Baltiysky Zavod is ready to implement new shipbuilding contracts.

On the shipyard's birthday, five employees of JSC Baltiysky Zavod and JSC Baltiysky Zavod Shipbuilding were awarded the "Honorable Shipwright" titles. Other 30 workers obtained certificates of honor for their diligence to the company's benefit.

According to director general of JSC Baltiysky Zavod Shipbuilding (BZS) Alexander Voznesensky, serious organizational work has been done since the beginning of 2012: "The yard received all licenses critical for shipbuilding activities very soon and is ready for work on available and prospective contracts. Since the beginning of the year we have won three large contracts for construction of type LK-25 and type LK-18 diesel electric icebreakers, ?nd underwater hull parts for two Mistral-class landing ships. At present, the shipyard's engineering center works on detailed design of LK-25 icebreaker; active construction will start in July or August. Besides, we have attracted over 100 machine-building orders to overall amount of 1.5 billion rubles".

As for Voznesensky, value of already signed contracts (RUR 12.5 bln) indicate that in this year the company would achieve turnover of RUR 3 bln, which is three times as much as it was in 2011. Hopefully, in the nearest future BZS would get contracts for three nuclear-powered icebreakers LK-60 and other two diesel ones LK-25. "Moreover, we're expecting a contract for floating nuclear powerplant", Voznesensky added. Thus, the shipyard's backlog of orders by 2022 will make about RUR 130 bln.

Work of JSC Baltiysky Zavod has been normalized as well. The yard is currently under observation procedure. Its director Valery Venkov points out that despite certain problems remained after previous owner the shipyard does cope with difficulties: "The complex situation we had in the winter has been stabilized. Economic activity has been normalized, problems of power supply have been settled, gas supply to slipways has been resumed. Wages of employees have been increased. Repair of equipment is in progress; cranes and machines must be prepared for large volume of works to be done in the nearest months. We don't stand still, we overcome difficulties and settle current problems with assistance of United Shipbuilding Corporation". Valery Venkov added that the yard would develop and start working in the new area repair of surface warships.

Baltiysky Zavod was established in 1856 by Englishman Mark McFerson. The company bankrupted in 1872, having failed to implement critical number of contracts. Prince Esper Ukhtomsky purchased the company by auction and modernized production capacities. However, the new owner failed to cancel the credit, and in 1875 Baltiysky Zavod happened to be on the verge of bankruptcy again. Finally, Russian Emperor Alexander II decided to purchase the country's largest shipyard for the treasury. After that, Baltiysky Zavod was a Russian/Soviet state enterprise since 1876 through 1992.

In 1992, Baltiysky Zavod was privatized and then corporatized into an open joint-stock company. After that, the company was in private property of IST Group and United Industrial Corporation. Like it was in 19-th century, private owners had made Baltiysky Zavod bankrupt. Finally, late in 2011 the company again passed to state control represented by United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC).

To preserve work collective and expertise, it was decided to establish JSC Baltiysky Zavod Shipbuilding within the USC. Most of employees passed to the new company. The new legal entity obtained shipbuilding and machine-building expertise as a strategic company. Main task of JSC Baltiysky Zavod now is to keep property complex in order and protect state property interests in legal proceedings.

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