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Shipbuilders Postponed SSBN Yury Dolgoruky Delivery Date

Shipbuilders Postponed SSBN Yury Dolgoruky Delivery Date 01.08.2012
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Russian shipbuilders postponed delivery date of Project 955 Borei nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) Yury Dolgoruky for Sept-Oct 2012, writes Kommersant referring to an insider. As was earlier expected, the ship was to join Russian Navy on July 29, 2012. The reason for putting off delivery date was the need for additional trials of the sub's weapons.

According to the source, shipbuilders want to make sure that Yury Dolgoruky would properly interface with its basic weapon, submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) R-30 Bulava without fails. There will be no practical missile test launches. As was reported earlier, two Bulava launches would be carried out in the fall of 2012.

The military are interested in correct operation of all onboard systems so that they had to put up with the delivery postponing, a source in Russian Navy Main HQ told Kommersant. It was not specified, however, why shipbuilders failed to meet the deadlines. Probably, the delay is related to the need for additional tests of SLBM Bulava which is planned to be commissioned in Oct 2012.

Expectedly, the second Borei-class submarine SSBN Alexander Nevsky will be put in service in Dec 2012. Totally, Russian Navy is to receive eight Project 955 submarines by 2020.

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