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Expert: Naval Museum Cannot Serve Cruiser Avrora

Expert: Naval Museum Cannot Serve Cruiser Avrora 14.09.2012
Text: Baltinfo
Staff of the Central Naval Museum cannot provide proper service for cruiser Avrora which in the nearest future may lead to destruction of the legendary ship, said chairman of St. Petersburg Submariners' Club Igor Kurdin during the press conference at BaltInfo.

Recall that on Aug 1, 2012 the cruiser lost status of the Russian Navy's number one ship. By decree of Russian defense minister Anatoly Serdiukov issued on Dec 26, 2011, naval mariners handed over the ship to museum staff; correspondingly, Leningrad Naval Base assigned the ship to the Central Naval Museum.

"The museum can not employ a 38-man complement. Currently, only 7 civilians work on the ship. All of them are retired naval servicemen. That is the crew of Avrora", said Kurdin.

As for him, the museum is financially incapable to maintain Avrora in proper conditions.

"Salary of a crewmember as a museum employee is 4,500 rubles [approx $145]. That is what the museum directors done. Of course, nobody would work there for such money. And finally, it makes impossible to keep the pride of our Navy in proper state", said the expert.

"We talk the same from year to year, but nothing changes. Now the cruiser resembles an old woman whose grandchildren try to settle her in geriatric home. And no one wants to take care of that lady", says known novelist Alexander Pokrovsky.

As for Igor Kurdin, crew of Avrora must consist only of specialists authorized in shipboard works. Central Naval Museum does not have such employees. Experts say a team of qualified workers would monthly cost RUR 270,000. The museum cannot afford such spendings.

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