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BSF Ships Held Landing Assault at Caucasus-2012 Exercise

BSF Ships Held Landing Assault at Caucasus-2012 Exercise 20.09.2012
Text: Southern Military District Press Service
Photo: Southern Military District Press Service
Black Sea Fleet (BSF) surface ships supported by naval aircraft held a landing assault drill during the Caucasus-2012 military exercise.

Corvettes Muromets, Kasimov, Mirazh, Shtil, and missile boat Ivanovets secured assigned areas and provided landing ships with antisubmarine/antiaircraft/antiship protection.

Prior to the landing operation, missile cruiser Moskva and corvette Pytlivy along with Mi-24 helicopter assault groups delivered strikes upon the "enemy" forces ashore.

When minesweepers and special teams made passages in minefields, key assets were captured by air/sea assault groups delivered by helicopters and fast-speed rafts. Marines on amphibious vehicles expanded the beachhead.

Throughout the operation, actions of landing party were supported by fire of escort ships and aircraft assault groups destroying coastal targets by directions of the operation commander.

After defeating of the "enemy" and breaking counter-landing defense, the landing party continued accomplishing tasks of the exercise.

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