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Frigate INS Trikand Started Dockside Trials

Frigate INS Trikand Started Dockside Trials 09.10.2012
Text: Vesti
Photo: Press service of JSC Yantar
JSC Yantar shipyard (Kaliningrad) began dockside trials of frigate INS Trikand. The third warship being built for Indian Navy will be handed over in the next year. The new frigate will be equipped with new powerful arms including BrahMos cruise missiles. Crewmembers will feel themselves aboard as good as in a five-star hotel.

Even though the ship is moored at the shipyard's quay, she has already started dockside trials. Shipwrights are aligning and testing all shipboard systems. When the main propulsion plant is started, the frigate will be ready to take the sea.

"Actually, we're checking whether all things operate normally. I mean, the water goes through pipelines, no leaks, electric equipment works, and illumination is okay too", says the ship's engineer-in-charge Igor Stelmakh.

Indian engineers are also assessing the tests. It is the third frigate being built for Indian Navy in Kaliningrad. During the triumphant launching ceremony held half year ago, the ship was christened Trikand which means "bow". On this occasion, a coconut was smashed against the ship's board; that is how Indians celebrate birth of a new ship.

INS Trikand is an up-to-date warship capable to destroy surface, underwater, and air targets. The frigate has perfect navigability and will be armed with mighty weapon systems. Soon the crew of Baltic Fleet mariners will arrive on board. They will be first who test the frigate's seaworthiness.

Same as previous ships made under Indian contract, INS Trikand will be equipped with shipboard missile attack systems with supersonic cruise missile BrahMos, an antiaircraft missile system, and a gun mount. Despite her wide combat capabilities and menacing appearance, Trikand will be very comfortable for the crew. India wants the ship to be furnished as good as a five-star hotel.

"You feel like you're in good apartments. Cushioned sofas, upholstery, lights, furniture, TV sets and so on", says the project manager Alevtin Dmitriyev.

There is nothing unnecessary at duty stations, only the most advanced electronic systems. All cartographic, navigational, radar and sonar information comes to the main station. The ship's systems are capable to detect enemy in the most prompt manner. For one, surface situation can be monitored within the 100-mile radius including all small-size objects.

Ships for India are being made under the large $1.5 bln contract. Yantar shipbuilders treat this order as an honor. Construction process goes on up to schedule. After delivery to Indian Navy, groups of Russian experts continue to work onboard each ship. They consider all comments of Indian servicemen and eliminate defects. As all previous ships, INS Trikand after sea and state acceptance trials will head for her permanent basing site in Mumbai.

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