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Canadian Naval Officer: Russia Monthly Paid $3,000 for Espionage

Canadian Naval Officer: Russia Monthly Paid $3,000 for Espionage 11.10.2012
Text: Vzglyad
Canadian naval officer Jeffrey Paul Delisle who recently admitted himself guilty of espionage for a foreign state (presumably, Russia) was drawing a $3,000 "salary" per month for that, writes Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail referring to governmental prosecution.

Reportedly, the legal investigator in March 2012 prohibited publishing any materials related to this case. However, as long as the suspected person admitted his guilty, this ban is no longer in effect.

Canadian prosecutors said that Delisle had told about remuneration for his work. At first, he allegedly got $5,000 a month, but soon his "salary" was cut down to $2,800 and finally settled at a level of $3,000. To receive the money, the officer used international bank transfer services.

According to Globe and Mail, that way of payment was changed five months prior to Delisle's arrest. After numerous requests from Russia, he traveled to Rio de Janeiro in the fall of 2011, and allegedly met with his "supervisor" named Viktor. When returning home, Delisle was caught by customs officers. Great sum of cash money and several prepaid credit cards were found during Delisle's search. As for prosecutors, that was how his work was remunerated.

As was said in the article, Russians might have been anxious about Delisle's possible fiasco and tried to make him hole up for some time. Nevertheless, he continued sending secret information right up to Dec 2011.

In addition, Canadian procuracy found out that Russia was about to change role of Delisle making him a sort of a boss amid secret agents all over Canada. For that, he was supposedly offered to pass a special training course in Austria. However, that trip misfired due to his arrest.

According to Globe and Mail, the information sent by Delisle was military-related, however, in his reports were phone numbers, email addresses and other personal data of conspicuous politicians and top-ranking military officers, as well as information about Canadian intelligence agents, reports RIA Novosti.

Expectedly, the sentence upon Delisle would be declared in Jan 10-11, 2013. As was earlier reported by Canadian media, four Russian diplomats were expelled from Canada 4 days after his arrest.

According to Vzglyad, in Jan 2012, the 40-year old Canadian naval officer Jeffrey Paul Delisle was arrested on suspicion of espionage. According to local media, he used to provide Russia with information about movements of warships belonging to Canada's allies including the US.

Afterwards, Canada expelled four Russian diplomats. However, Russian embassy in Ottawa did not associate the exile with revealing of the spy. The diplomats said they had left the country due to scheduled rotation.

On Oct 10, Delisle admitted himself guilty of collaboration with a foreign state.

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