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New Helicopter Ka-62 Kasatka Joins Russian Navy in 2014

New Helicopter Ka-62 Kasatka Joins Russian Navy in 2014 15.10.2012
Text: World Arms Trade Analytic Center
Sea variant of Ka-62 Kasatka helicopter will be commissioned into Russian Navy by 2014. According to Izvestiya newspaper referring to the Navy Main HQ, performance specifications for the new helicopter will be drawn up by the end of 2012 and handed over to JSC Kamov early in 2013.

JSC Kamov started designing of the deck-based variant of Ka-62 on the own initiative. It is planned to station new helicopters on small-size ships like Project 20380 corvettes which have problems with Ka-27 helicopters requiring large hangars.

According to the source, "large hangars impair seaworthiness and stability of ships displacing less than 3,000 tons. Such problems are typical for all Project 20380 corvettes - Stereguschiy, Boiky, and Soobrazitelny. Their hangar occupies half of the deck erection. On the other hand, it is impossible to exclude helicopters, since they are the only effective antisubmarine asset".

The source explained that "out of the whole park of Russian helicopters, Ka-62 is the best variant. Its weight is 6 tons, half as heavy as Ka-27 and 1.5 meters lower. Kasatka has roomy frame accommodating antisubmarine assets including dipping sonar".

According to Izvestiya, however, "naval pilots put designing of antisubmarine Ka-62 in question. One of them said the helicopter was too small to engage submarines, the rescue variant was in question as well".

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