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Communists: New Defense Minister Should Change Military Reform Concept

Communists: New Defense Minister Should Change Military Reform Concept 07.11.2012
Text: Rosbalt
Photo: Sergei Obukhov.
Commenting ouster of defense minister Anatoly Serdiukov, secretary of Russian Communist Party Sergei Obukhov said the communists wanted dismissal of defense minister and had criticized his work in contrast to "all others".

Obukhov pointed out that the Communist Party was "satisfied that our demand was met", although understood that "there are quite different backgrounds".

As for him, the new minister should radically change the course and concept of the military reforms to recover prestige of military service.

It was reported on Tuesday that Russian president Vladimir Putin had dismissed defense minister Anatoly Serdiukov. Sergei Shoigu, former minister of emergencies and current governor of Moscow region, was appointed to the post of defense minister.

Earlier on, Russian Investigative Committee initiated five criminal cases on the basis of fraud when selling realty, land plots and securities of JSC Oboronservis run by defense ministry. According to investigators, as a result of realty and securities sold at spoil prices, Russia suffered damage to the amount of over RUR 3 bln.

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