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02.21.2008 Murmansk loses control over icebreaker fleet
The Russian fleet of nuclear-powered icebreakers will be transferred to the Rosatom, leader of the state corporation Sergey Kirienko confirms. Currently, the fleet is managed by the Murmansk Shipping Company.

02.14.2008 The Russian-Indian submarine problem of Arkhangelsk
The Indian Navy still refuses to accept the upgraded diesel-powered submarine “Sindhuvijay”, recently having undergone upgrades at the Zvezdochka shipyard in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast.

02.12.2008 Nuclear security measures taken in Severodvinsk
The shipbuilding enterprises in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast, will be equipped with an automated monitoring system of the radiation control, as well as new crisis centres.

02.06.2008 Russia, Venezuela may sign $1.4 bln contract for three subs in April
Russia and Venezuela are at the final stage of talks on a deal to sell three Kilo-Class Project 636 submarines to Venezuela's Navy, which could be clinched in April, Vedomosti business daily said Tuesday.

02.04.2008 Finland wants surveillance cooperation with Russia
Finnish Minister of Defence, Jyri Hakamies, is ready to invite Russia to take part in joint marine surveillance training with Finland and Sweden.

02.01.2008 Thirty Russian aircraft take part in exercises over two oceans
Over 30 Russian strategic bombers and long-range interceptors are participating in joint exercises with a naval task group in the Atlantic and Arctic, an Air Force spokesman said on Friday.

02.01.2008 Nuclear sub ready for sailing
The Zvezdochka shipyard and mechanical plant in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast, has completed a six-year long upgrade of the nuclear submarine K-117 “Bryansk”.

01.28.2008 Russia and Ukraine keep fee for Sevastopol base unchanged
Russia and Ukraine have agreed to keep the rent for Russia's base in Sevastopol unchanged, Russia's deputy foreign minister said between sessions of a joint subcommittee on the Black Sea base on Thursday.

01.23.2008 Russia delays overhaul of Indian Navy submarine
The delivery of an Indian Navy diesel submarine which recently underwent a two-year refit at a Russian Barents Sea shipyard will be delayed by at least six months, a shipyard spokesman said.

01.23.2008 Navy moving stirs split in Armed Forces
Head Commander of the Russian Armed Forces, Yuri Baluevskii, says there is no need for the moving of the Navy headquarters from Moscow to Sankt Petersburg. He is joint by a number of other high-ranking Russian defence officials.

01.21.2008 Russian Navy begins exercises in the Atlantic
A Russian naval task force started exercises in the northern Atlantic on Monday, a Navy spokesman said.

01.15.2008 Russian missile cruiser near Malta
A russian missle cruiser is expected to anchor somewhere near Malta to carry out military exercises, Russian media reported on Sunday.

01.14.2008 Northern Fleet signed deal with Severstal
Russia’s powerful Northern Fleet has signed a cooperation agreement with Russian steel producer Severstal.

01.12.2008 Dmitrii Medvedev meets High North challenges in Murmansk
During his visit to Murmansk, First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitrii Medvedev said that the Russian Navy will have to be strengthened. –Russia must be a great military power at sea, he stressed.

01.11.2008 Speculations surround new Russian navy vessel
The Zvezdochka shipyard in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast, says that its newly constructed vessel, the “Zvezdochka”, will be able to ship offshore technology, military equipment and engage in tugging and lifting operations.

01.09.2008 Working Together to Defuse Russia's Nuclear Timebomb
On the beaches of the Barents Sea, near the Russian city of Murmansk, ex-Soviet nuclear submarines lie rotting, like ticking ecological time bombs.The Russians have called on German experts to help prevent disaster.

01.09.2008 Russian fleet will sail in Pacific war games
For the first time, Russia will join the armada of foreign and U.S. warships participating this summer in the largest naval war games in the world.

Bulgarian cargo ship sinks in Sea of Azov, at least 4 dead 01.05.2008 Bulgarian cargo ship sinks in Sea of Azov, at least 4 dead
At least four people died and one was rescued from board of a Bulgarian dry cargo ship, which sank in the Sea of Azov on the border between Russia and Ukraine, local rescue service said Thursday.

Happy New Year! 12.31.2007 Happy New Year!
Happy New Year, dear friends! The “” redaction wishes you good luck, successes and more happiness in new 2008 year!

12.27.2007 Russia's new Pacific Fleet commander takes office
Rear Admiral Konstantin Sidenko was introduced as commander of Russia's Pacific Fleet in the port of Vladivostok on Saturday.

12.27.2007 Russia successfully tests sea-based ballistic missile
Russia conducted Tuesday a successful test launch of a ballistic missile from a nuclear submarine in the Barents Sea in the Arctic, a Navy spokesman said.

12.27.2007 Construction of Black Sea Fleet base in Novorossiisk on track
Construction of a base for the Black Sea Fleet in the port of Novorossiisk is proceeding according to schedule, Russia's defense minister said on Wednesday.

12.18.2007 Russians on North Pole in the dark
The two Russian explorers Matvey Shparo and Boris Smolin this week announced that they plan to be the first ever to reach the North Pole in the winter period.

12.18.2007 Norwegian rescue team saved sailors outside Kola Peninsula
A rescue team from the Norwegian Joint Rescue Coordination Centre has saved all 12 sailors in a wrecked Russian vessel outside the Fisherman Peninsula on the coast of the Kola Peninsula.

12.18.2007 Russian nuclear submarine test-launches ballistic missile
A nuclear submarine of Russia's Northern Fleet successfully test-launched a ballistic missile from the Barents Sea on Monday toward a site in the country's Far East, the Navy said.

Moving of headquarters not well perceived in Russian Navy 12.14.2007 Moving of headquarters not well perceived in Russian Navy
The moving of the headquarters of the Russian Navy from Moscow to Sankt Petersburg has encountered major resistance among Navy officials. The conflict could result in the dismissal of several high-ranking Navy representatives.

12.10.2007 BrahMos to increase production of Russian-Indian cruise missiles
The Russian-Indian joint venture BrahMos will buy a manufacturing plant in southwestern India to increase production of its supersonic cruise missiles, an Indian military source said Thursday.

12.09.2007 Any reason to fear Russia in the High North?
In a recent speech, head of the Norwegian Armed Forces Sverre Diesen said the situation in the High North “under certain circumstances could open up a room for possible use of military power”.

12.07.2007 India puts pressure on Arkhangelsk
India is not prepared to re-negotiate terms on the takeover of Russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Gorshkov”, Head of the Indian Navy Sureesh Mehta says.

12.07.2007 Norway Notes Raised Russian Submarine, Air Activity
The second half of 2007 has seen an increase in submarine activity out of Russia’s Northern Fleet Base (NFB) in Murmansk, according to fresh “tracking” reports produced by the Norway Armed Forces’ Military Intelligence Unit (MIU) for the Ministry of Defense (MoD).

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