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SSBN Yury Dolgoruky to Join Russian Navy by July 29

SSBN Yury Dolgoruky to Join Russian Navy by July 29 06.06.2012
Photo: Press service of Sevmash shipyard.
Project 955 Borei nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) Yury Dolgoruky will be commissioned till the Russian Navy Day, i.e. by July 29, reports news agency Rosbalt referring to RIA Novosti. Reportedly, that was announced by a high-ranking officer of United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC).

"The sub's acceptance certificate will be signed in the end of July, namely by the Russian Navy Day. Signing of that document means commissioning into Russian Navy", said the USC representative.

According to him, after that it is planned to prepare documents for putting the sub in service along with her standard weapon SLBM Bulava.

"The sub and the missile will be made operational after appropriate decrees signed by the president", said the interviewee.

As for Russian Navy command's plans, Project 955 strategic submarines will become the key component of Russia's sea-based nuclear force since 2018, after decommission of currently operable Project 667BDRM and Project 667BDR submarines (Delfin and Calmar, known in NATO as Delta IV and Delta III respectively).

Recall that United Shipbuilding Corporation and Russian Defense Ministry on May 28 signed the contract for construction of five Borei-A class submarines.

As was reported late Apr 2012, the corporation wanted to get about RUR 130 bln for the 5-sub contract, so somewhat RUR 26 bln for each submarine. According to shipbuilders, that price was minimal and would barely bring any profitability.

Defence ministry expected the contract for batch production of Project 955A submarines to be signed in April.

Note that debates between the military and USC about prices for defense products in 2011 nearly led to frustration of state defense order. Last contracts for Borei- and Yasen-class submarines were signed only on Nov 9.

Re-equipment of Russian Armed Forces is being held under the State Arms Program 2011-2020 which financing is evaluated as RUR 23 trillions. That document provides 70% renovation of military equipment.

Ex-president and current Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on March 20 that penalty for frustration of military procurement must be tightened up to ouster. "We should speed up defense procurements to the maximum. Those who don't understand how things must be done should be either brought to legal responsibility or fired. Otherwise you will never find out who is right and who is wrong", Medvedev said. "Head of the state stressed there should be no failures. There's big money, and we must spend them for high-grade armaments", Medvedev added.

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