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Russia sends experts to S Korea

Russia sends experts to S Korea 27.05.2010
Photo: Dmitry Medvedev before meeting with Security Council permanent members. Presidential Administration Press Service
Russian president Dmitry Medvedev adopted a decision to send Russian experts to South Korea for detailed inquiry into outputs of investigation and material evidence related to the shipwreck of S Korean patrol ship. According to press release circulated by Presidential Administration Press Service, Dmitry Medvedev "attaches great importance to determination of genuine cause of the shipwreck".

Russian party insists that once involvement of any country in the shipwreck of S Korean corvette is proved, "international community should take appropriate and adequate actions against guilty party". As was said in the press release, all conflicting parties are called to restraint and forbearance to keep peace and stability at Korean Peninsula.

Relations between Republic of Korea and DPRK rapidly strained when international inquiry board promulgated investigation outputs of Cheonan incident, having virtually put the blame on North Korea. DPRK and South Korea have shut down trade relations, cut radio and phone communications, and declared high-alert posture of national armed forces. North Korea continues to deny its involvement in the incident.

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