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Known Russian submarine designer died

Known Russian submarine designer died 25.02.2011
Text: Lenta.Ru
Photo: Sergei Kovalev.
General designer of nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines in Rubin Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering 92-year old Sergei Kovalev died in St. Petersburg, reports RIA Novosti referring to the design bureau's representative. Kovalev died on Feb 24, 2011 on the way to hospital; he felt bad last evening and his relatives called in an ambulance. Emergency car failed to bring him to the clinic on time.

Sergei Kovalev was born on Aug 15, 1919 in Petrograd. He graduated from college during the Great Patriotic War and was posted to 18th Design Bureau (future Rubin) as a designer. Throughout years of working, Kovalev took part in development of numerous projects of submarines, including Project 617 submarine powered by combined cycle turbine and Project 658 nuclear-powered ballistic submarine (SSBN). Since 1958 Kovalev was a chief designer, and later on general designer of all SSBNs.

Totally, 92 submarines of 8 projects designed by Kovalev were built. They are Projects 658, 658M, 667A, 667B, 667BD, 667BDR, 667BDRM, and 941. During recent years Rubin's general designer was engaged in development of Project 955 Borei SSBNs. In addition, Kovalev participated in development works on ice-proof offshore oil-and-gas platforms.

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