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Admiral Kuznetsov Celebrates Birthday in Mediterranean

Admiral Kuznetsov Celebrates Birthday in Mediterranean 20.01.2012
Photo: Aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov. Western Military District Press Service
On Jan 20, Northern Fleet (NF) aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov celebrates 21-st anniversary since the first hoisting of Russian naval ensign; the carrier has covered over 8,200 nautical miles since departure from Severomorsk, told NF spokesman Capt 1 rank Vadim Serga Central Navy Portal.

The ship's crew marks the anniversary in routine work in central part of the Mediterranean Sea. Air wing prepares for training flights, crewmen carry out scheduled maintenance of onboard systems. Festive events will be conducted this weekend. Crew will parade on the deck, and the ship's command will congratulate sailors; best of them will be awarded.

Admiral Kuznetsov is the only Russian aircraft carrier equipped with heavy deck-based fighters Su-33, attack fighters Su-25, and ship-based ASW helicopters Ka-27. She is the world's only carrier launching aircraft in polar latitudes. The ship was laid down at Chernomorsky Shipyard (Nikolayev) on Sept 1, 1982; launched on Dec 4, 1985; naval ensign was hoisted on Jan 20, 1991.

Being commanded by Capt 1 rank Sergei Artamonov, the ship has unique size for Russian Navy; her deck is 306 meters long, 75 meters wide, and 60 meters high which is comparable to a 20-storey building. Displacement is 60,000 tons. Overall length of corridors exceeds 16 km.

The current deployment in the Mediterranean Sea is the sixth one in Admiral Kuznetsov's record. Earlier, the ship was deployed in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea in 1995-1996, in 2004, in 2005, in 2007-2008 and in 2008-2009.

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