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Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov Received Secondhand Anchor

Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov Received Secondhand Anchor 19.04.2012
Text: Lenta.Ru
Photo: Project 11435 aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov. Western Military District Press Service
Aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov was equipped with an off-grade anchor. Procuracy asks to initiate a fraud case, reports the supervisory instance's website.

The violation was detected when Director General of JSC Nevsky Yakor Valentin Ponomarev tied a delivery contract for an anchor with JSC Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center. Procuracy says the businessman received RUR 4 mln from Russian Defense Ministry, but spent only RUR 1 mln.

The secondhand anchor was purchased in Netherlands and has corrosion marks.

Investigators found out that Ponomarev falsified a certificate with fictitious size and weight of the anchor.

Admiral Kuznetsov is the only aircraft carrier in Russian Navy. In Sept 2011, procuracy initiated a criminal case on overrating of repair costs. As was reported, the contractor 35-th Ship Repair Plant, affiliate of Zvezdochka illegally misappropriated almost RUR 10 mln.

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