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"Destruction" of Russian Cruiser Aroused Designer's Indignation

"Destruction" of Russian Cruiser Aroused Designer's Indignation 26.10.2012
Text: Vzglyad
Chief designer of Russian Project 1164 guided missile cruiser said the promo clip of Israeli company IAI shown at the Euronaval-2012 exhibition was a fake. In that clip, such cruiser was destroyed by one antiship missile.

IAI demonstrated a promo clip presenting air defense system and antiship missiles mounted on a warship. The video showed attack of an enemy imitated by a Russian missile cruiser. The Israeli system intercepts three missiles launched by the cruiser and then destroys the ship by one antiship missile, reports RIA Novosti.

"It is an absolutely misleading information and an advertising fake. At first, this ship cannot be identified incorrectly, because it is the only kind of ship with such number of attack missiles on the top deck. No country has such ships except Russia, and everyone knows that", said Vyacheslav Senchurov, deputy director of Severnoye Design Bureau.

Besides, the cruiser "stands head above those things shown in the clip", said the expert. As for him, "even if the ship is unprotected, this missile would not scupper her".

The chief designer personally conveyed his own deep outrage to representatives of IAI, and they later apologized for that information.

According to Rostislav Atkov, deputy director for foreign trade relations of Morinformsistema Agat, another Russian weapon appeared in promo clip of French Thales. In particular, the company presents ballistic missile acquisition and tracking radar systems.

"Promoting ballistic missile defense system, they showed destruction of Russian container-based missiles Club-K. Moreover, they took a fragment from our company's promo clip for that", Atkov said.

Currently, this clip is not shown at the Thales booth, and representatives of the company say no Russian weapon was used in the presentation.

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