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US Detected Russian Nuclear Submarine in Backyard

US Detected Russian Nuclear Submarine in Backyard 07.11.2012
Photo: Condor-class submarine.
American military detected a Russian nuclear submarine off the US coast, writes CNN referring to undisclosed sources in the Pentagon. The submarine was found near the US East Coast in October. It was not specified how exactly she was identified.

The Russian sub neither entered American territorial waters nor hunted American warships nor approached naval submarine base Kings Bay, Georgia. However, the sub was detected near Florida, next to the site where a US carrier strike group was holding an exercise.

According to sources of CNN, in such way Russia demonstrated its intentions to expand radius of submarine patrols. Experts suppose that the Russian sub was conducting an exercise off the US and then headed for European part of the Atlantic.

According to CNN, that was a Project 945A Condor (Sierra-II) submarine serving at Russia's Northern Fleet. Subs of this kind are designed to trace and destroy opponent's submarines and carrier strike groups.

It is the first submarine of this type detected so close to US coast. American press reported in Aug 2012 that the Project 971 Schuka-B (Akula) Russian submarine had been deployed undetected next to the US for several weeks; in June-July 2012, the sub cruised in the Gulf of Mexico. Officially, the Pentagon did not confirm that information.

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