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07.02.2009 Trial of Somali pirates opens in Yemen
A Yemeni court has begun the trial of 22 suspected Somali pirates, a local newspaper said on Thursday.

06.30.2009 Somali pirates release Belgian ship for ransom
Somali pirates have released a Belgian ship and its crew seized in April after a ransom was paid, Belgian authorities said on Sunday, without specifying the ransom sum.

06.21.2009 U.S. 'preparing to intercept North Korean ship'
A U.S. navy destroyer is getting into position to intercept a flagged North Korean ship suspected of carrying weaponry or nuclear materials in defiance of a UN ban, Fox News said on Friday.

06.19.2009 Mexican Navy find ton of cocaine stuffed in frozen sharks
Mexican Navy officers have seized 893 kilograms (1,968 pounds) of cocaine that was stuffed into 30 frozen shark carcasses bound for the United States, Dive magazine reported on Thursday.

06.19.2009 Japanese parliament passes law on tackling Somali piracy
Japan's parliament has passed a law on counter piracy efforts in the Gulf of Aden, expanding the Japanese Self-Defense Forces' powers in the region, the Kyodo news agency reported on Friday.

06.11.2009 Libya's Qaddafi says he has plan to tackle Somali piracy issue
Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, currently on an official visit to Italy, said on Wednesday he would present a proposal on the resolution of the Somali pirates issue, Italy's APCom news agency reported.

05.19.2009 Somali pirates release freighter with 17 crewmembers
A grain freighter with 17 crewmembers that was seized last month by Somali pirates was released on Tuesday, and is now on its way to Yemen, Ukraine's Foreign Ministry said.

05.14.2009 New Arctic office to strengthen UK Arctic research
A dedicated office to support UK scientific research in the Arctic was established last week by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

05.08.2009 NATO drill in Botnia Bay
A British aircraft carrier will take part along with more than 50 fighter jets in what will be the biggest air force drill ever in the Finnish-Swedish Botnia Bay.

05.08.2009 Dutch ship seized by Somali pirates crewed by 8 Ukrainians
All eight crew members of a Dutch freighter seized by pirates in the Gulf of Aden are Ukrainian nationals, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

05.06.2009 France to host FRUKUS 2009 international naval exercises
The FRUKUS 2009 international naval exercises will be held in Brest, northwest France on June 21-27, an aide to the naval attache at the Russian embassy in France announced on Wednesday.

05.06.2009 Sedov has put out to sea
The barque Sedov, the world's largest traditional sailing ship in operation, has set sail again after repairs and winter storage.

05.06.2009 Sole supplier of navy vessels
Northern Shipyard in Saint Petersburg has become the Russian Navy's sole supplier of several classes of surface vessels.

05.03.2009 Somali pirates could face trial in Russia
Suspected pirates seized by a Russian warship off the Somali coast earlier this week could be tried in Russia, media said on Thursday.

05.03.2009 Ukraine says checking reports of ship seizure by Somali pirates
The Ukrainian embassy in Kenya said it is checking media reports that a Ukrainian-crewed ship was seized by pirates on Saturday.

04.15.2009 Dolphins join fight against Somali pirates in Gulf of Aden
A pod of dolphins has hampered an attempted Somali pirate attack on a convoy of Chinese commercial vessels in the Gulf of Aden, Chinese media reported on Tuesday.

04.15.2009 Somali pirates hijack Greek cargo ship in Gulf of Aden
Somali pirates hijacked a Greek cargo ship with 22 crewmembers on board in the Gulf of Aden, a spokeswoman from the Greek trade ministry told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

04.13.2009 U.S. snipers kill three Somali pirates, Obama says fight goes on
U.S. President Barack Obama said that Washington was determined to stamp out piracy off the coast of Somalia after a dramatic rescue mission ended with U.S. navy snipers shooting dead three pirates.

04.10.2009 Somali pirates hold U.S. captain, Navy ship arrives
A U.S. warship arrived in Somali waters on Thursday to assist in freeing a captain seized by Somali pirates after a hijack attempt failed when the ship's unarmed crew fought back.

04.02.2009 China to rotate warships in anti-piracy operation off Somalia
China sent two warships to the Gulf of Aden on Thursday morning to replace two destroyers involved in an operation against Somali pirates since late December, Chinese media reported.

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