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04.02.2009 U.S. warship visits Black Sea port in Georgia
A U.S. missile frigate arrived in Georgia on Tuesday for an official visit that will include exercises with the Georgian navy and a number of cultural events, the Novosti-Georgia news agency said.

03.24.2009 China confirms plans to build aircraft carrier
China's defense minister has reaffirmed the country's plans to build its own aircraft carrier, the Sina news agency reported on Monday.

03.23.2009 U.S. warship enters Black Sea
The USS Klakring (FFG 42) frigate has entered the Black Sea, and is being closely monitored by Russia, the Russian Navy said on Friday.

03.20.2009 Greek cargo ship seized by pirates off coast of Somalia
A Greek-owned cargo ship has been seized off the coast of Somalia, Greece's merchant marine ministry told RIA Novosti early on Friday.

03.05.2009 World market for basic combat surface ships worth $40.17Bln in 2004-2013
No less than 204 warships will be sold in the world between 2004 and 2013 for a total amount of $40.17 billion, with the number of new warships standing at 130 and worth $38.53 billion (83 ships worth $22.82 billion in 2001-2010), which amounts to 63% of the overall number of ships, or 95.9% of the total amount, an ARMS-Tass analysis published in the Rynki Vooruzheny N1 indicates.

02.24.2009 Somalia to create maritime corridor to fight piracy - ambassador
Somalia's new unity government will solve the problem of piracy by creating a maritime corridor through the country's territorial waters, the Somali ambassador to Russia said on Thursday.

02.24.2009 Kenya seeks further cooperation with Ukraine despite ship hijack
Kenya looks to continue military cooperation with Ukraine despite the recent hijacking of a cargo ship with 33 tanks on board, the head of a Ukrainian arms exporting company said on Thursday.

02.24.2009 Pirates seize cargo ship off Somalia - Greek ministry
Pirates seized a Greek cargo ship with 22-member crew off the coast of Somalia on Sunday, Greece's merchant marine ministry said.

02.24.2009 Few vessels Norwegian customs checked
Only five percent of the vessels that made port calls in Troms and Finnmark last year were met by Norwegian customs officers. 1/3 of the controlled vessels had illegal goods onboard.

Faina captain buried in St.Pete 02.20.2009 Faina captain buried in St.Pete
The captain of the Ukrainian cargo ship Faina, who succumbed to a heart attack hours after his ship was captured by Somali pirates last year in the Gulf of Aden, was buried at the Serafimovsky cemetery in St.Petersburg on February 19.

02.13.2009 Indian Navy should receive last 2 of 5 upgraded Russian Il-38SD planes this year
The Indian Navy should be able to take delivery of the last installment of the five Il-38SD patrol airplanes Russia is upgrading this year, Viktor Livanov, the general director of Russian aircraft builder Iliushin, announced at the Aero India 2009 air show.

02.10.2009 Ukrainian President Yushenko personally overseeing return of Faina crew
Ukrainian President Viktor Yushenko is personally overseeing the return of the Ukrainian crewmembers of the Faina, Irina Vanikova, the president's press secretary, said in a briefing on Monday.

02.09.2009 Ukrainian cargo ship Faina steaming to Kenya
The Ukrainian cargo ship Faina, which was released by Somali pirates not long ago against a ransom of more than $3 million, is now sailing towards Kenya.

American athlete, 56, swims Atlantic Ocean 02.09.2009 American athlete, 56, swims Atlantic Ocean
Jennifer Figge, a U.S. athlete became the first woman to swim across the Atlantic Ocean, the Associated Press reported on February 8.

02.09.2009 Search for missing U.S. sailor in Gulf of Eden suspended
The search for a U.S. sailor who fell off a lifeboat as it was being lowered from a U.S. Navy assault warship in the Gulf of Aden has been suspended after 24 hours.

02.09.2009 Greece seized military cargo intended for Iran - Newspaper
Greece seized a military cargo intended for Iran, a Greek newspaper reported on Friday.

Japanese whaler attacked by environmentalists in Antarctica 02.06.2009 Japanese whaler attacked by environmentalists in Antarctica
A boat belonging to Sea Shepherd, an environmental organization, collided with a Japanese whaler in Antarctica, Reuters reported.

02.05.2009 Pakistani military to beef up air recon capability
The Pakistani military plans to purchase unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and long-range radar spotting aircraft to boost its air reconnaissance and observation capability, Defense News, a military news publication, reported citing an announcement made by Chief of the Pakistani Staff Admiral Nomana Bashir.

02.04.2009 Malaysia receives first Scorpene sub
The Malaysian Navy has received the first Scorpene sub built by a consortium including the French company DCNS and Spain's Navantia.

02.04.2009 Norway plans to raise sunken German sub with a cargo of mercury
The Norwegian government has announced plans to raise from the sea bottom a German submarine that sank in 1945, in an effort to remove the threat to the environment posed by the sub's cargo of mercury.

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