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Russian Navy

The Russian Navy welcomes you aboard! Since 1998 the Central Navy Portal has been world's largest and oldest website related to the Russian Navy; the portal comprising dozens of websites is available both in Russian and English languages. Read more.

New publications
Subs, Subs, Subs…New translations of novels by the most famous Russian submariner Alexander Pokrovsky, who is scriptwriter of popular Russian film "72 metra" (72 meters) on struggle for survival in the wrecked sub.
Wrecked Soviet Submarine: Back from 1941. Soviet submarine found last year off Swedish island Gotland was identified as diesel-electric torpedo submarine S-6 missed in action in August 1941.
Russian Billions Go to British 'Phoenix'. Billions of Russian defense budget's rubles may fall to a British company currently facing the verge of bankruptcy. Curiously enough, that firm was entrusted by defense minister Anatoly Serdiukov in his notorious resolution to equip Russian Navy warships with metal furniture.
Viktor Chirkov: Building the Navy with Associates'. The last day of Medvedev's presidency also became the last day in office for navy chief Vladimir Vysotsky.
No Rescue. Even 13 years after wreck of SSN Kursk, Russia won't have deep-sea diving system to rescue submariners.
Arab Winter 2012. While the world stares at the Persian Gulf discussing date of military operation against Iran, the situation in Syria has fallen into the shade. 
Black Sea Fleet Revives Submarine Brigade. Russian Navy commanding staff headed by Commander-in-Chief Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky recently met in St. Petersburg. Reporter of Central Navy Portal talked about current condition and future of Black Sea Fleet with its commander, Rear Admiral Alexander Nikolayevich Fedotenkov.
Cold War Spreads Over Arctic. Race for mineral wealth of "the globe's roof" is speeding up.
Iranian Navy and Revolutionary Guard's Navy. Situation in the Persian Gulf runs high slowly and surely. Menaces repeatedly voiced by Iran's politicians and military leaders threatening to block the Strait of Hormuz as a response to embargo on Iranian oil exports and, thus, cutting off oil deliveries of other suppliers to the West, made the US and allies take real actions. 
US and Iranian Navies: A Love Story. During protracted Iran-Iraq War, both sides were trying to cripple the opponent's economy and thereby degrade him. A so-called "Tanker War" actively continued in the Persian Gulf since 1984. Both Iran and Iraq used to attack oil tankers of third countries from the air and the sea.
Strait of Hormuz: Better Bad Peace Than Good Quarrel. No sooner had the world recovered after disturbances of 2011 resulted in NATO's "victorious" war in Libya than it is offered a new military amusement – a peace-enforcement action against Iran.
Denuded Sea Frontiers. Russia must urgently build its sea-based missile and space defense shield.
Obsessed by Navy Revival Idea. Shipbuilding is a science-intensive branch incorporating almost all areas of knowledge. It has dynamically developed in the recent years and may bring the whole Russian industry to a new level.
English Latrines for Russian Navy. According to defense minister Anatoly Serdiukov, Russian industry can neither produce up-to-date shipboard furniture and plumbing systems nor import them from China.
Navy Found Alternative to Arsenal Plant. Being displeased with execution of the contract for ship-based 100-mm gun mounts A-190 Universal by JSC Arsenal Machinery Plant, Russian Navy has found another executor – Burevestnik Central Research Institute .
Russia Goes Northward. Spurt into the Arctic will ensure revival of the Northern Sea Route.
Black Sea Submarine Fleet Holds Back Tears. For the first time no Russian submarines left in hero city of Sevastopol.
Tactical Missiles Corporation Breaks Through. Fifteen world-class precision weapon systems are put into full production.
Thorny Way to Great Navy. Maritime Component of State Arms Program 2020: Problems and Prospects.
Pre-election Tsushima. Russian Navy is promised to rise up from knees again.
Aden Notes. Shipmaster's Evidence. This story deals with some aspects of present-day shipping which can be useful for crews of commercial vessels and officers of Russian Navy's warships.
Seaborne Attack. Ships and troops of Black Sea Fleet (BSF) prepare for combat training within all-arms task force of Southern Military District.
Not Just Divers. Sevastopol provides underwater specialists not only for Russian Navy.
Alexei Alsufiev: The Carrier Will Be Ready In Time. One of the largest and most important export contracts for Russian defense industry – repair and retrofitting of ex-Russian aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Flota Sovetskogo Soyuza Gorshkov for Indian Navy – is reaching the final straight.
Centenary Is Not Senility. JSC Almaz Marine Yard was established 100 years ago as workshops of Finland Light Steamship Company. On the eve of the yard's centenary, Reporter of Central Navy Portal met with Viktor M. Ivanov, Director General of JSC Almaz Marine Yard. The talk was about current state and near-term prospects of the shipyard.
"Flying Dutchman" in Mokhovaya Bay. Despite comments of Pacific Fleet Press Service, some federal news agencies give another tone to the case trying to blame submariners for the collision. So what really happened?
Danish Navy Commander: We've Got Much To Defend. Baltic Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Viktor Chirkov and Royal Danish Navy Commander (literally, Admiral Danish Fleet) Rear Admiral Finn Hansen held a protocol meeting on September 8 at conference hall of the Central Naval Museum.
Stepwise Towards Cooperation. Central Navy Portal had a chance to ask delegation of Pakistani Defense Ministry some questions.
Russian Navy looks forward. Russian Navy will keep on being a reliable guarantor of national security at seas and oceans.
Importing aircraft carriers: the only prospect? Present-day Russian Navy needs substantial optimization.
Nerpa vs Chakra: which is to fail first? Military procuracy recently reported in a demure way that causers of the tragedy happened to nuclear submarine Nerpa had been already found.
Russian Navy will surpass the US one only in diversity. Russian Navy steps on the same rake again and risks of repeating old mistakes.
Does Russia's eastern outpost run the east? Moscow decided to station French Mistrals at the Far East.
The Mistral Contract: Headache To Boot. For the first time Russian Navy Commander publicly explained why we need the French heli-carrier.
Irresistible attraction of Russian armed forces. Independent Military Review congratulates servicewomen on incoming spring.
The Arctic is not the Wild West... Russian scientists keep on preparing a claim for external frontier of Arctic continental shelf. Our country claims for a 1.2-mln sq km area beyond the 200-mile zone.
From the Moon to Taman. Far back in 1956 when space explorations were not so widespread, Sergei P. Korolev convincingly stated that rocket flight to the Moon and back was practicable. One year later he repeated: "Reaching the Moon is technically feasible".
Russian and the US navies have common views on future. US Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) paid an official visit to Russia in April 14-18, 2011. Since 2007 this post has been occupied by Admiral Gary Roughead. Despite the pretty tight schedule, Admiral Roughead agreed to contribute time to Central Navy Portal and answer the chief editor's questions.
Most probably, Russia's Black Sea Fleet (BSF) soon would have to wave goodbye to considerable part of lands leased in Sevastopol. It seems impossible to fill the gap in manpower emerged in Russian Armed Forces after drastic officers' reductions. Frigates and submarines built for BSF cannot compensate for the fleet's natural depletion.
February 9, 2011 was a 107th anniversary of heroic battle carried out by legendary cruiser Varyag and gunboat Koreyets. Having received unexpected news about beginning of the Russo-Japanese War on this very day in 1904 and repelled an offer to surrender, those Russian ships tried to break a blockade in Chemulpo port and entered a battle against the outnumbered enemy.
Russian press and RuNet are full of reports about soldiers and sailors fallen sick after introduction of new military uniform. Let us speak plain – rumors are righteous, morbidity amid personnel wearing Yudashkin-designed clothing is really higher than among those who still have old-style uniform (at least at Pacific Fleet). However – as it strikes me – the couturier himself bears no relation to the matter.
Sometimes when another Russian-flagged vessel either becomes a pirates' loot or is detained by local authorities, press and community ask rhetorical questions like "could anybody presume to touch a Soviet-flagged ship?" Not exactly. Soviet ships (just like American, British and other ones) from time to time also happened to be victims of now-called "pariah regimes", various rebels, regional wars, conflicts, sabotages, and terror acts.
On December 24, 2010 Russia and France declared about concluded agreement on construction of Mistral class assault landing ships at French shipyards. It is planned to build other two ships of this kind in Russia. What consequences this acquisition is fraught with for Russia? Guest from Toulon. Five "arguments" in favour of Mistral.
Shipbuilders of Sevmash are well aware of aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya (former aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Gorshkov) which is being reconditioned for Indian Navy. That is natural – they have spent much trouble on the carrier to achieve current impressive appearance.
Delegation of Swedish Navy visited St. Petersburg to resume relations between our navies suspended after Aug 2008. In his interview to RusNavy.com, Chief of the Royal Swedish Navy Anders Grenstad told about areas of potential cooperation between Russian and Swedish mariners.
Before reconstructing Cam Ranh naval base, we should build anything inside Russia and start with shaping of Russian consciousness, political housecleaning, and concern for people. Otherwise, the dying elephant (as the Chinese call Russia) would yell the last cry. That is perception of writer and ex-submariner Alexander Pokrovsky.
Piracy-fighters also descent to criminal methods. Pirates aboard US Navy ships.
New in mess-room
We are glad to offer you novels by the most famous Russian submariner Alexander Pokrovsky, who is scriptwriter of popular Russian film "72 metra" (72 meters) on struggle for survival in the wrecked sub.

Admiral Gorshhkov (INS Vikramaditya) archival history video by Sevmash.