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«Electroninvest» manufactures a wide range of modularizing secondary power supplies accepting by the contracting officer. Every product has designed and confirmed technical requirements. Electroninvest" is authorized to deliver military products as the second supplier according to the certificate being issued by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation to be produced at the territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Russia such as electrical connectors, relays, switches, transformers, rectifiers delay lines, resistors, condenser, micro, diodes, transistors.

Number of shows: 4138
Modify date: 12/24/2007 21:20:59
Field:  Engines, hull systems, auxiliaries
Fax:  +7 (495) 152-52-41
Form of ownership:  joint-stock company
IMDS-07 participant:  yes
Phone:  +7 (495) 223-27-08 ext. 46-56; 46-77, 223-27-09 ext. 46-56; 46-77
Physical address:  212 Office, 2/10, B. Cherkasski per., Moscow, 109012, Russia

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