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IXSEA designs and manufactures a range of Gyrocompass and Inertial Navigation Systems, Underwater acoustic systems, seafloor mapping equipment and solutions.

IXSEA has had a long standing and successful relationship with Navies, Coast Guards and Design Bureaus from all over the world, equipping them with COTS, MIL SPECS and IMO Certified systems.

At IMDS 2007, we present:

Navigation and Weapon stabilization: a complete range of Fiber Optical Gyroscope and INS Systems for Surface and subsea vessels:

- OCTANS, attitude and heading reference system (AHRS)
- PHINS inertial navigation system and AHRS
- MARINS: 1 Nm/24Hrs class INS, for frigates and submarines
- Subsea PHINS+DVL: for subsea Inertial Navigation (ROV/ AUVs,...)

Sub-sea positioning for ROVs/AUVs/towed systems

- GAPS: calibration free sub-sea positioning system
- POSIDONIA: Deep water USBL (world record at 9850m)
- MANTTAS: torpedo tracking system based on a network of GAPS antennas

Survey systems and solutions, Seafloor mapping (Towed/ or AUV mounted)

- ECHOES: a complete range of sub-bottom profilers (shallow water to full Ocean Depth)
- SHADOWS mapping sonar: the first commercially available synthetic aperture sonar for Hydrographers and Survey industry (towed and AUV mount)
- MAGIS: marine magnetometer and gradiometer

Contact: Emmanuel Sgherri, Sales Manager.

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Field:  Combat control systems, signal operation, electronic & radio technical equipment & sonar gear / Navigation hydrometeorological facilities
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Physical address:  78160, France, Marly le Roi, 55 Avenue Auguste Renoir

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