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ZAO «Timos» founded in 1992 develops and manufactures silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors and on basis of them pressure transducers, which are isolated from measured media by thin-film metal diaphragm and body. All the transducers have normalized signal output. Mainstream of our work is a development (in accordance with requirements specification of FGUP ??? MT «Rubin», FGUP SP MBM «Malahit », FGUP «NPO «Avrora») and supply to shipbuilding facilities (FGUP Admiralteyskie Verfi, FGUP «PO Sevmash» and others) special-purpose pressure transducers that meet the requirements of the state military complex standards Moroz-6.

In 2006 remanufacturing operations and development effort of pressure transducers were began (in accordance with FGUP «Severnoe PKB», FGUP «CMKB «Almaz», FGUP «NPO «Avrora», FGUP SP MBM «Malahit») for using them in automated monitoring and control system of naval ships.

The cleanup activities and accelerated test operations of pressure transducers under the science direction of VNIIM named after «D. I. Mendeleyev» have begun for the purpose to confirm the recalibration interval value of 10 years.

All the manufactured goods carry necessary certificates including certificate in a voluntary certification system «Military register ». We received licenses to all the manners of manufacture.

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