Russian Navy

"Uralsk Plant "Zenit"

International Maritime Defence Show

The plant is located in Uralsk, West Kazakhstan.

The enterprise was established in 1941 on the base of the plant evacuated from Leningrad. For more than sixty five years the production of many types of special products for needs of Defence, civil products for various branches of industry including oil-gas and agricultural and also wide spectrum of consumer goods were organized at the plant. For the powerful contribution to the victory in the Great Patriotic War the plant was rewarded with award of Patriotic War of the first degree.

Having highly skilled engineering-technical, working personnel and appropriate capacities the plant produces special Naval technique and apparatus, ship scuttles.

The plant is a manufacturer and supplier of anti-mine equipment. In the nomenclature of the plant there are contact and non-contact sweeps including acoustic and electromagnetic; electromagnetic and television searchers and destroyers of mines; acoustic and electromagnetic sweeps automatic control equipment.

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Modify date: 01/14/2008 22:54:42
Field:  Arms, weaponry & weapon-control systems
Fax:  +7 (311) 251-30-09
IMDS-07 participant:  yes
Phone:  +7 (311) 251-38-06
Physical address:  28, St. Saraishyk (Narimanov), Uralsk, West Kazakhstan, 090000, Republic of Kazakhstan

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