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"Zelenodolsk Plant named after A. M. Gorky"

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PHC «Zelenodolsk plant named after A. M. Gorky» stands at the beginning of construction of the first in Russia high-speed ships and hovercrafts with dynamic principles of support. More than 400 fast passenger vessels have been built among them are such motor vessels as «Meteor» and «Meteor-2000», «Linda» and «Terrier». To the millennium anniversary of the Republic of Tatarstan there were made metal structures for the first link of «Millennium» bridge with total weight of 6, 500 tons, tanker «KAZAN», vessel for physical fields control «Victor Soubbotin» were built and delivered for the Baltic Navy. In 2006 the fast passenger ferry of project A45 «Lena» was delivered to the Customer, the head order for construction of the universal dry-cargo vessel «Rusich» and also the passenger motor vessel «Meteor» and 6 non-self-propelled deck barges were delivered.

It is worthwhile to mention the perspectives of high-speed passenger motor vessels of project A45 (project A45-1), A145 (the sea version of project A45) and patrol boats of project A106. The ships of project «Gepard - 3.9.», two tankers with deadweight of 1200 tons, the second link of «Millennium» bridge across the Kazanka River are under construction now. We are always open for mutually beneficial cooperation.

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