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Russian ambassador to South Korea called parties to exercise restraint

Russian ambassador to South Korea called parties to exercise restraint 09.12.2010
Text: Rosbalt
Photo: Destructions at Yeonpyeongdo Island.
Russian ambassador to Republic of Korea asked leaderships of South and North Koreas to exercise restraint in order to avoid further tension in the region.

According to Yonhap, Russian ambassador Konstantin Vnukov appearing at South Korea's national assembly criticized recent artillery bombardment of S Korean island Yeonpyeongdo and defined actions of North Korea as blameful. Russia deprecates use of force and calls to settle disagreements only by negotiations, added the ambassador.

As was previously reported, South Korean defense minister Kim Kwan-jin issued a decree allowing commanders of all levels "shoot before reporting".

It was also said in the decree that repelling of enemy's attack does not conflict with the cease-fire agreement and warfare principles. Involvement of combat aviation and naval artillery is possible; pinpoint strikes can be delivered upon threatening objects. Chief of South Korean defense ministry's political department ensured journalists that the U.S. agree with Seoul on this matter.

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