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PF Scouts Practice Raids in Enemy's Rear

PF Scouts Practice Raids in Enemy's Rear 08.10.2012
Text: Eastern Military District Press Service
Photo: Eastern Military District Press Service
Pacific Fleet (PF) marines started field training course and are practicing reconnaissance operations in Primorsky Krai.

This is not the first exercise of this kind. PF scouts learn how to act independently in extreme conditions, for instance, being in enemy's rear without radio contact with higher commander. Having wide combat experience of recent local conflicts, instructing officers share professional secrets with young marines, observe their actions and foster their moralities.

Specific feature of this exercise is that different marine units are assigned with independent tasks in the same area. One unit is conducting reconnaissance in order to find and destroy another team which is tasked to pass dangerous zone covertly and perform a sabotage attack. Until an encounter mock battle happens, marine units are aware neither of strength nor objectives of each other.

The field exercise will finish in mid-Oct with parachute jumps when 'black berets' will land on a naval test range at the Klerk peninsula.

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