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Sevmash Celebrates Commissioning Anniversary of SSBN Leninets

Sevmash Celebrates Commissioning Anniversary of SSBN Leninets 08.11.2012
Text: World Arms Trade Analytic Center
Photo: K-137 Leninets.
On Nov 5, 1967, governmental board commissioned lead submarine of Project 667A into Soviet Navy. K-137 Leninets opened the series of second-generation nuclear-powered submarines armed with 16 ballistic missiles and capable to launch them from under water.

As was said at the ceremony on occasion of the 45-th anniversary of the sub's commission, Sevmash shipyard has built 24 submarines under that project.

SSBN Leninets developed by the Rubin Design Bureau was a pioneer in the "golden gallery" of projects 667A, 667B, 667BD, 667BDR, and 667BDRM armed with more advanced missiles. In total, the shipyard has built 59 subs of this family, constantly improving construction technology, introducing modular assembling methods, accumulating trial experience, and polishing qualification of working staff.

Project 667BDRM subs still make the core of Russia's maritime strategic nuclear force.

Through the 27-year service, K-137 carried out 20 patrol missions. Over 200 submariners served in Leninets were awarded state medals. Being decommissioned in 2004, K-137 was dismantled at Zvezdochka shipyard in Severodvinsk.

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