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12.06.2007 Russia to showcase new-generation subs at maritime exhibition
Russia will present its new-generation Amur-1650 class submarine at an international maritime exhibition in Malaysia, Russia's state-controlled arms exporter said recently.

The Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) 2007 exhibition will take place on December 4-8 at the Mahsuri International Exhibition Center (MIEC).

"The submarines will include Project 636 [submarines] with an integrated missile complex, Club-S, and the next-generation Amur-1650 submarine," Rosoboronexport said in a press release.

The Project 677 or Lada-class submarines have been designed to engage surface ships and submarines as well as to perform surveillance, mine laying, and special operation forces deployment missions.

Long range anti-ship missiles, rockets, torpedoes and mines can be fired from the torpedo tubes at the bow.

The ninth edition of the biennial LIMA is expected to be the biggest ever with more than 250 companies from 26 countries taking part in the aerospace exhibition alone.

They include Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, India, Germany, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore and Spain.


11.29.2007 Submarines in “sensitive areas”
Sources in the Norwegian Armed Forces confirm that Russian submarines have intensified training activities in areas outside the Norwegian coast. Orion aircrafts have dropped listening equipment to find the vessel.

11.26.2007 Russia continues reshuffle of Navy top brass
Russia's Navy will soon have new commanders of its two main fleets in the Baltic and Pacific, as part of a major military leadership reshuffle, a high-ranking Defense Ministry source said on Friday.

11.20.2007 Admiral Gorshkov overhaul slow, could be delayed - contractor
The overhaul of a Russian-made aircraft carrier sold to India under a 2004 contract could be delayed indefinitely, a source at the Sevmash shipyard said Tuesday.

11.19.2007 Navy joins search for Russian cargo ship in Caspian Sea
A Russian frigate will join the search for a Russian cargo vessel that has been missing in the Caspian Sea since Saturday morning, a Navy spokesman said Monday.

11.15.2007 Russian shipyards did not want to build research vessel
The Russian government allocated 2.4 billion RUB for the construction of a new major Polar research vessel. However, no Russian shipyards wanted to build the vessel.

11.12.2007 Russia to build ice-protected coast guard vessel
The Russian Federal Security Service is to hold a tender on the construction of a new ice-protected coast guard vessel for its border guard service. The vessel, which will have both civil and military functions, will be able to operate in 1,5 meter thick ice.

11.10.2007 Russian ship joins anti-smuggling operation in Black Sea
The Zheleznyakov minesweeper has joined a Turkey-led international operation to deter illegal trading and smuggling on the Black Sea, the Russian Navy's spokesman said Wednesday.

11.08.2007 The Arctic: rivalry or cooperation?
Russia should work more within the international community in resolving Arctic issues - including ones that are not directly related to oil and gas extraction.

11.08.2007 Navy team to discuss Gorshkov price hike with Russia
Days ahead of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to Russia, a top-level Indian Navy delegation is heading for Moscow to discuss the delay and price escalation in the Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier deal — perhaps, the most thorny issue between the two countries.

10.29.2007 Iran and Russia may establish joint Navy in Caspian Sea
Iran will join a Russian-proposed joint naval task force in the Caspian region only after the legal status of the Caspian Sea has been determined, an Iranian analyst said.

10.29.2007 The landing ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet completed its program in a Greel port of Pirei
The landing ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet- “Caesar Kunikov”- completed its program in a Greel port of Pirei on Saturday and charted a course towards the Black Sea straits.

10.29.2007 Navy Museum Adds Two Exhibits
The museum-memorial complex of the Russian Navy Museum has reached the second stage of its realization.

10.29.2007 France to Help Russia Design Submarines?
France's semi-private naval design & construction firm DCNS has signed a "purchase general contract" for R&D cooperation with Russia's the Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute, via Rosoboronexport.

10.29.2007 Goodbye to Poland's Tarantul Missile Craft
The Polish navy is decommissioning its two Russian-built Tarantul-class fast attack craft in 2008, the commander of the service's fast patrol boat squadron has told an international naval conference in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

10.06.2007 The 21-th anniversary since the Russian “K-219” ballistic missile submarine catastrophe
Today is the 21-th anniversary since the Russian “K-219” ballistic missile submarine catastrophe.  
On 3 October 1986, while on patrol 680 miles (1100 km) northeast of Bermuda, K-219 suffered an explosion and fire in a missile tube

10.05.2007 Fifty years after Sputnik streaked into the sky on Oct. 4 1957
It is hard to imagine that a metal ball about the size of a basketball could throw the United States into panic

“North Pole – 35” has been deployed on the ice 09.20.2007 “North Pole – 35” has been deployed on the ice
Today the regularly scheduled Russian floating station calling by “North Pole – 35” has been deployed on the ice. More then 20 scientists from Russia and Germany combined in a team have started research activity on the ice floe in the Arctic Ocean.

09.14.2007 First Russian submarine ever to visit Norway
The Northern fleets submarine “Yaroslav” will next week be the first Russian submarine ever to call at a Norwegian naval base. The diesel-powered submarine will visit the main base of the Norwegian Navy at Haakonsvern on September 17th.

09.14.2007 Indonesia-Russia Arms Deal Raises Concern
Indonesia has signed a $1 billion arms package to update its crumbling military. The agreement with Russia includes contracts for two submarines and contains an option to purchase up to eight more over the next 15 years.

09.14.2007 Submarine: Military Secret Shows Up on the Internet
Municipal authorities in Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod Region, accidentally revealed the design for the latest Russian submarine when it posted an account of a meeting with its commander on its website.

09.14.2007 Russian Navy Must Restore Presence In Mediterranean Says Naval Commander
Russia must restore its permanent naval presence in the Mediterranean to ensure the protection of its strategic interests in the region, the Navy commander said Friday.

09.14.2007 RF Navy Large amphibious ship returns to home base
Large amphibious ship Cesar Kunikov of the Russian Black Sea Fleet returned from its voyage in the Mediterranean Sea to the home port Sebastopol, Crimea.

09.14.2007 US Marine officers disciplined in slayings of 24 Iraqi civilians
A major general and two senior officers have been disciplined for their roles in investigating the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians in the town of Haditha in 2005, the US Marine Corps said Wednesday.

09.14.2007 Monument to legendary Russian naval ship unveiled in Scotland
A monument to the Russian cruiser Varyag that sank several hundred meters away from the Scottish coast in 1920 was unveiled in the town of Lendalfoot on September 8.

09.14.2007 Russian Navy commander dismissed - military source
Commander of the Russian Navy, Fleet Admiral Vladimir Masorin has been dismissed due to length-of-service limitations, a Defense Ministry's source told RIA Novosti Thursday.

09.14.2007 India set to launch first underwater-based missile
India could soon test its first submarine-launched ballistic missile, the Press Trust of India quoted the Defense Ministry as saying Tuesday, denying that it has already test-fired an SLBM.

09.14.2007 U.S. develops 14-ton super bomb, bigger than Russian vacuum bomb
The U.S. has a 14-ton super bomb more destructive than the vacuum bomb just tested by Russia, a U.S. general said Wednesday.

A group of foreign journalists and representatives visited Russia's Black Sea Fleet
A group of foreign journalists and representatives of leading Russian news agencies has finished their work at Russia's Black Sea Fleet.

Russia's NATO envoy says new CFE treaty should include navies
An adapted Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) treaty should also cover signatory states' naval forces, Russia's new ambassador to NATO said.

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