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ASW Ship Severomorsk Returned Home From Anti-Piracy Mission

ASW Ship Severomorsk Returned Home From Anti-Piracy Mission 24.10.2011
Photo: Northern Fleet Information Support Group
Northern Fleet (NF) large ASW ship Severomorsk headed by Capt 1 rank Andrei Klimenko on Oct 23 returned to NF main naval base after completion of anti-piracy tasks in the Gulf of Aden, told NF Commander's press secretary Capt 1 rank Vadim Serga to Central Navy Portal.

Severomorsk was met in triumphant atmosphere. The ship's commanding officer reported to NF Commander Vice Admiral Vladimir Korolev who congratulated the crew on return and effective mission accomplishment.

"Large ASW ship Severomorsk proved once again that Russian Navy effectively counters international terrorism all across the World Ocean", emphasized NF Commander. He thanked the crew for service and pointed out that each crewmember had made contribution to the common success.

Vice Admiral Vladimir Korolev traditionally handed over a piglet roast to the ship's CO. Wives of the crew officers gifted new-baked pies to sailors.

Almost half-year long cruise of large ASW ship Severomorsk started on May 8. Through this time, the ship has covered over 30 000 miles, visited ports of Portugal, Greece, Djibouti, Syria, Spain, and escorted 11 international convoys with 41 vessels.

Russian servicemen coordinated actions with NATO joint naval force which directs international anti-piracy operation in the Gulf of Aden. In particular, effective interaction with foreign colleagues helped the crew of Severomorsk to prevent hijacking of Greek tanker United Emblem attacked by pirates in the Red Sea 45 miles southwestward Yemeni port Hodeida.

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