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Corvette Soobrazitelny Leaves DANEX Exercise Due to Fire Incident

Corvette Soobrazitelny Leaves DANEX Exercise Due to Fire Incident 03.09.2012
Corvette Soobrazitelny happened to be motionless in the western part of the Baltic Sea due to fire in the ship's engine room.

According to information available to Central Navy Portal, although the crew managed to extinguish the fire, as a result of firefighting activities some equipment was flooded by water and went out of service. No one suffered in the accident.

Reportedly, probable cause of the fire was either short circuit in electric wiring or the crew's fault. Seat of fire was in the chimney. It took personnel more than one hour to neutralize the fire.

According to, director of Danish working group at the DANEX-NOCO 2012 joint naval exercise expressed regret over the corvette Soobrazitelny would not continue participation in the exercise started on Monday.

Soobrazitelny was built by JSC Severnaya Verf shipyard. The ship was laid down on May 20, 2003 and launched on March 31, 2010. Headed by commanding officer Capt 2 Rank Alexander Telepov, the ship's crew settled on board early in 2011. State trials began on July 27, 2011. The ship was delivered to the Navy on Oct 14, 2011. Naval ensign was triumphantly hoisted on the same day, the ship was commissioned into Baltic Fleet and stationed in Baltiysk Naval Base.

On the Russian Navy Day (July 29, 2012), corvette Soobrazitelny obtained the honorable Guards title and a special Guards naval ensign.

Soobrazitelny is the second Project 20380 corvette, a multipurpose 2-nd rank littoral zone warship. Her predecessor, corvette Stereguschiy is presently in service. Further ship of this series will have names of Boiky, Stoiky, and Provorny.

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