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Russian Military Exercises in Arctic

Russian Military Exercises in Arctic 25.09.2012
Text: Western Military District Press Service
Photo: Western Military District Press Service
During the exercise started on Sept 21 in polar regions, servicemen of Russia's Western Military District (WMD) are countering "attacks" from sea, maintaining civil shipment security at the Northern Sea Route, rendering assistance to a ship distressed in Arctic, repelling air attacks upon industrial and scientific assets, etc.

According to scenario, some objects based in the Arctic were attacked by irregular armed forces trying to destroy infrastructure of scientific stations, drilling facilities, and power engineering assets. Those terror actions could result in technological disasters and large-scale environment contaminations.

Being informed about terror actions, Northern Fleet (NF) command decided to provide all-round defense of industrial and scientific objects, including air attack protection.

NF marine units in cooperation with WMD Infantry Brigade deployed to estimated areas of enemy's landing assault, performed reconnaissance of the Barents and the Kara seas, as well as coastline zone in order to neutralize terror groups when landing ashore. NF surface ships and aircraft lifted marines to distant industrial and scientific objects subject to be defended.

To perform those tasks, servicemen were alarmed and in strict adherence to time standards began accomplishment of training tasks. At first, infantry servicemen performed 150-km cross-country march to the exercise area; now they are making entrenchment and preparing weapons for live firing.

Marine units embarked on landing ships and are currently heading for the exercise area. They will autonomously accomplish combat training tasks over 2,000 km away from basing sites.

NF surface ship task force acting in cooperation with WMD First Air Force and Air Defense Command carried out missile firing drills today and intercepted "enemy" aircraft in the air. To practice those activities, coast-based missile system Redut launched missile drones. Ships deployed in the Barents Sea detected the targets, and deck-based fighters Su-33 destroyed them.

Over 7,000 men, more than 20 surface ships and submarines, about 30 aircraft, and somewhat 150 combat vehicles are involved in the exercise. Its episodes will take place in the Barents and the Kara seas, at land ranges in Murmansk region, peninsulas Sredny and Rybachy, and in other Arctic zones.

The current exercise is a scheduled combat training activity and will last till Sept 27. Results of the exercise will be considered while planning of further maneuvers to be held in Arctic on a regular basis.

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